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Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is a necessary evil for many a business owner. It’s a task that gets in the way of profit-making and one that causes much confusion. JMD Bookkeeping Services offers a complete bookkeeping service for businesses of all kinds and sizes.


  • Data entry and expense logging
  • Trading profit and loss statement, and balance sheets
  • Depreciation, asset management and trial balance sheets
  • Preparation of final accounts for your accountant


Choosing the level of bookkeeping support

When you set up your business, catching up on expenses and sifting through copious receipts is not what you had in mind in the evenings or at the weekend! Outsourcing bookkeeping responsibilities isn’t just for larger businesses.


Staying on top of your paperwork can be tailored to weekly, monthly or quarterly support to save valuable time where you need it to eliminate the headache … after all – calculating figures isn’t for everyone.


Payroll support

When you take on staff finding the right payroll service can seem daunting. As your company evolves by upscaling or downsizing, the payroll will need to be flexible to the changing needs of a modern day business.


JMD Bookkeeping Services provides an adaptable payroll solution that’s accessible to any level of business, accommodating pension, dividend, tax and wage capabilities.

Digital Online Accounting Systems

At JMD Bookkeeping we use the latest accounts software available to us. This allows us to generate reports at the touch of a button as part of our bookkeeping service.

Cloud based, online accounting systems such as Xero, Quick Books and Sage, make accounting much simpler, allowing you to streamline all your business accounting needs within one package, covering invoicing, bookkeeping, payroll, VAT management, expense tracking and reporting.

As certified pro partners we are able to offer our customers online accounting packages at discounted rates. We can help you with set up and integration with our FREE receipt Bank service.

You are able to record your own transactions, if you wish, and provide us with your latest back up and we will do the rest.


Should you switch your Bookkeeper or Accountant during Covid-19?

Changing your bookkeeper is something that always seems like it is going to be more trouble than it is worth. You know them, they have been doing your accounts for a while, but you never really hear from them, unless you call them about something. Sound familiar? Will it be complicated to change? Not really – and here are some reasons why you should!


Value for Money

Not all services are equal, and you should think about what your bookkeeper or accountant is providing you with. Are they very hands off, just preparing and submitting your end of year accounts, or are they helping you with payroll, bookkeeping, setting you up on cloud-based software, VAT returns and so much more. Are they regularly giving you advice on the best options for your business? Now is the time to check to see what you are actually paying for, service-wise.



Do you have regular time set aside with your bookkeeper or accountant? Some time where they get you involved in the finance side, letting you know where you are, and what you could potentially do to improve your business, and the ramifications of making certain decisions? Have they kept in contact with you during Covid-19, letting you know what grants and loans are available, and helping you apply for the support that is out there for your business. Are they proactive – helping you before you even know you need the help, or are you constantly chasing them, trying to get answers when you need them?

You accountant or bookkeeper should be there, involved in the business, and helping to guide you to make the decisions that make the best financial and business sense. The right advice at the right time could save you and your business a considerable amount of money.


How to change

Change of any type can be a scary thing. But it’s pretty easy to change your bookkeeper. All you actually need to do is decide why you would like to help you, and to let your old bookkeeper or accountant know that you would like to end your contract with them. Your new bookkeeper takes over from there, and will arrange for everything to be transferred to them.

Julia and the team at JMD Bookkeeping have been helping both old and new clients during Covid-19. Unlike many companies, they stayed open for business, and Julia refused to furlough staff, instead, having them help businesses claim thousands of Pounds in Covid support, without any extra charge. They also submitted furlough claims for their clients free of charge. Julia has proudly helped local businesses with everything from proactive advice, submissions of VAT returns, payroll and more.

If you would like to talk to Julia and the team at JMD Bookkeeping about how they can help your business, you can contact us here. They are a great alternative to expensive accountants. With offices in Shropshire & Lincolnshire, they cover Shropshire,Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire to Lincolnshire and can make sure your accounts are fully up to date and compliant.

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If you are looking to save money on your accounts or need help to delegate the load, JMD Bookkeeping Services Ltd are on hand to help with affordable and reliable bookkeeping.

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