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Bookkeeping Rescue

You are not alone when it comes to last-minute bookkeeping worries. Many sole traders, small business owners and charities fail to stay on top of their day-to-day bookkeeping responsibilities, but it’s important stay consistent to avoid heavy fines and late payment penalties.


Last minute bookkeeping support

  • Are your receipts in a mess and stuffed in a carrier bag or shoebox?
  • Have you misplaced paperwork or have payments that don’t tally?
  • Do you have outstanding bills or invoices, but don’t know who to call?


Untidy bookkeeping can cause problems further down the line with inaccurate tax demands, account balancing problems and cash-flow hiccups.

Fortunately, JMD Bookkeeping Services provides emergency bookkeeping rescue packages to prevent bookkeeping disasters. 

Alleviate your headache and pass on your paperwork to us to carry out a bookkeeping rescue operation. Within no time you’ll have an electronic set of reports with all incoming monies and outgoing expenses accurately logged and making sense.


Keeping the taxman sweet

When HMRC deadlines loom, there’s nothing worse than scratching your head at the thought of logging and reconciling months’ worth of receipts, bills and statements. 

Using Quickbooks, an online accounting system, JMD Bookkeeping can sort out your bookkeeping needs with monthly or adhoc support, so you stay afloat in the business world and on the good side of the taxman!

  • Fixed fees
  • No surprises
  • Last minute personal service

Reporting and filing is digital so your bookkeeping is compliant with current legislation requirements.


The benefits of regular bookkeeping

Keeping an accurate account of bills, invoices, statements and receipts will allow you to keep track of your cash-flow health and the state of payables and receivables. You’ll also have plenty of time to review inconsistencies.

  • Investigate discrepancies 
  • Avoid fines and late payment penalties 
  • Eliminate additional accountancy fees
  • Stay in control of cash-flow
  • Ensure supplier and customer statements match
  • Highlight missing invoices
  • Stay on top of bad debtors
  • Real-time reporting

There’s nothing worse than not knowing who owes you money and who you owe money to. With regular bookkeeping processes in place your state of accounts will be accurate and organised.


Are you in need of emergency bookkeeping?

Despite your best attempts at maintaining your expenses and paperwork, if you still need bookkeeping rescue support, we’re here to help. Covering the areas of Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire with a face-to-face personal service we’re also available to handle your bookkeeping needs as a nationwide virtual support team.

Contact our friendly team and we’ll discuss the best way to get your head back above water and your accountant and HMRC happy.

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If you are looking to save money on your accounts or need help to delegate the load, JMD Bookkeeping Services Ltd are on hand to help with affordable and reliable bookkeeping.

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